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Many types of cameras can be installed to suit specific applications. For example cameras can be mounted in vandal proof enclosures, on towers, on buildings, on ceilings and in environmentally harsh locations. Cameras can operate in low light levels, have the capacity to pan, tilt, zoom and detect motion. Cameras can be connected to existing control equipment, to computer networks, to the latest digital video recorders, to alarm receiving centres and can even be viewed remotely via the internet.

The latest Network video recorders with built in multiplexers allow video signals from cameras to be recorded on to hard drives at higher frame rates, up to 100 frames per second at 4K HD quality with no degradation of image due to over usage of tape media, therefore unlike most conventional time lapse video recorders the playback image is no longer blurred. Digital video recorders can be connected to existing cameras allowing systems to be upgraded at minimum cost. They can be connected to computer networks allowing access to the CCTV system images via conventional LAN networks and can even be viewed from remote locations via the Internet.


Monitors can be installed either by the control equipment or remotely allowing independent pictures selection viewing from one CCTV system. Standard screens or the latest Flat screen LCD monitors can also be used.

Perimeter Protection

By using PIR's to detect intruders, signalling can allow PTZ camera's to move to pre-set positions and control equipment to record at higher frame rates to ensure greater clarity of image, and the chance of intruders being recorded by the CCTV system can substantially improve a facilities security. Alarm condition signals can be also be sent to the intruder alarm system integrating both systems making a more effective security system. With the addition of low light cameras, infra red lighting or standard lighting the CCTV can be effective 24 hours a day.

Cash Scan

Cash scan allows the till data to be added to the video signal from the camera viewing the till. It can help detect cash register or EPOS system theft and fraud by displaying transaction text details and alarm events on the CCTV picture. In any retail environment theft and pilfering from the cash register is a potential risk and a drain on profits, whether it is a Shop, Pub, Club or Petrol Station. The picture on the right shows without doubt that not all items passed over the counter were entered into the cash register. It can also be easily installed into any new or existing CCTV systems.

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